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BCC Membership

A paid membership gives you full access to the website and private BCC FB group which is where people post daily about paddling locally and other places and more.

Join or renew your membership.

Interested in becoming a member?  Excellent!

Please follow these steps:

1) Kindly fill out our membership form;

2) Please pay for your membership. We offer two annual membership options: Individual/Family ($20) and College Student ($10, proof of enrollment required). Please select your membership option below to pay your membership fee.

3) Remember to check your email to verify

4) If you are on Facebook, please request to join our Members Only Facebook Group.


(BCC Membership is January 1 through Dec. 31)

New members who paid in Sept. of the current year, do not have to renew until the following Dec (15 months)

Thank you for renewing! Kindly select an option below:

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